Who’ll Age The Worst?

December 4, 2005


Chocoholic Tracey and chain smoking boyfriend Stuart battle it out to determine Who’ll Age Worst? They receive consultations from three top consultants, Dermatologist Dr Patrick Bowler, Dentist Dr Anthony Zybutz and Nutritionist Dr Dawn Harper. With the help of Age Progression Artist Auriole Prince from Changemyface, Stuart and Tracey are faced with images of themselves twenty years from now. Over the following two weeks they compete against each other to change their lifestyles and improve their future images. Depending on how well they do over the two weeks is down to the experts to answer the question ‘Who’ll Age Worst?’

(From The Daily Star)


FAST forward 20 years and how will you look? You could be in for a shock because all that good advice you ignore now – don’t smoke, watch the calories, cut down booze, avoid fad diets – could come back to haunt you.

New TV series Who’ll Age Worst? shows how, to shocking effect. Using a team of experts – cosmetic dentist Dr Antony Zybutz, GP Dr Dawn Harper, dermatologist Dr Patrick Bowler and computer wizard Auriole Prince – the show on UKTV Style confronts volunteers with an accurate digital portrait of what they could look like in 20 years if they fail to change their ways. The results ain’t pretty!

“After years of telling people to clean up their acts with no effect, one quick glance at these photographs has done the trick, ” says Dr Bowler….