This is totally extreme and very sad – and a warning to all!


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A WOMAN addicted to cosmetic surgery is unrecognisable after injecting cooking oil into her face.

The Daily Telegraph in London reports Korean woman Hang Mioku, 48, had her first cosmetic surgery procedure at 28 and was hooked, moving to Japan for more.

Eventually surgeons refused to carry out any more work and she returned home, where her face had changed so much her family didn’t recognise her.

Ms Hang’s parents took her for treatment for her addiction, but it didn’t last. She soon found a doctor who would give her silicone injections and he even gave her a syringe and silicone so she could self-inject, the paper said.

When her supply ran out, she used cooking oil.

Her face became so large compared to her small body that local children called her “standing fan”, the newspaper reported.

After appearing on Korean TV, viewers sent donations so she could have surgery to reduce the size of her face. The first of several operations removed 60g of oil from her face and 200g from her neck.

Her face has been left scarred and disfigured, and Ms Hang said she would like her old face back.

It’s always interesting to see those before and after photos so have a peak at these images to see how these Hollywood stars will look with some virtual cosmetic surgery…

Cameron Diaz with nose reshaped.

Reece Witherspoon with chin made smaller.

Sarah Jessica Parker with nose reshaped.

Is SHE going to age well?

November 5, 2008

November’s issue of SHE Magazine in association with Roc Anti – Ageing Cream has shown how three women will look in 20 years time according to their lifestyles. Changemyface used their age progression skills to show how they will look. Claire has a pretty good lifestyle so should age pretty well but Lucy is a different story! With a lifestyle of over indulgence of food, alcohol and smoking – she is not going to age well….maybe this image will help her to change her ways!


Claire will not age too badly.


Lucy may need to change her ways!

Daniel Craig

Quantum of Solace is released in the UK on 31 Octobe

We found this on the BBC website but are hoping that Daniel didn’t have to change too much – we like his face exactly as it is……

Daniel Craig has revealed he needed plastic surgery after an accident on the set of the new James Bond film.

The actor severed his fingertip and had eight stitches on his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his Quantum of Solace co-stars.

We found this on the BBC website but are hoping that Daniel didn’t have to change too much – we like his face exactly as it is!

Craig said the incident, which happened in June, was “a stupid inconvenience”, telling Elle magazine “they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon.”

Craig was seen sporting an arm sling at a Bond celebration in London on Sunday.

According to the actor’s spokeswoman, the 007 star underwent a shoulder operation several weeks ago for an old injury unrelated to the Quantum of Solace incident.