Old Age is Sexy….

October 12, 2009

Emma Thompson insists she’ll grow old gracefully. The British actress believes people get sexier as they get older.

Emma Thomspon

“Old is very sexy,” said Thompson, who will soon be seen onscreen as Nanny McPhee in the movie sequel Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. “It must be awful for women who are in denial and insist on looking 20 years younger.

“How are we going to produce beautiful older women if we don’t allow ourselves to be older. I think the trick is to age honestly and gracefully. Trying to constantly look younger must be exhausting.”

Thompson — who is married to actor Greg Wiserecently revealed she was planning to take a break from Hollywood as a birthday present to herself. (She turned 50 in April.)

“I’m taking a year off. That’s my birthday present to myself,” she said. “I’m not going to act, write or anything like that. I’ll be a mum, teach drama at my daughter’s school, I’ll cook meals and have fun, go out with my friends, I’ll go to movies and not think about working. I’ll see what bubbles up after that.

“As an actor and writer, sometimes I think you have to stop creating and let your brain relax. I think it hones the appetite. I think that’s important.”



And the winner is…..


22 year old Reka Urban who took part in the contest held in Budapest and as if that wasn’t strange enough for you, Alexandra Horvath another contestant toppled over during the contest due to her massive breasts.
On a knife-edge: Hopefuls wait nervously backstage ahead of the contest in Budapest

On a knife-edge: Hopefuls wait nervously backstage ahead of the contest in Budapest

Plastic surgery usually helps hold things up but, the Miss Plastic Hungary contest, it brought the favourite model low.

The hotly tipped Alexandra Horvath lost out on the crown after her fake breasts apparently caused her to topple off her high heels.

The enhanced 23-year-old had just passed the breast examination stage with flying colours when she tipped over and tore a ligament in her foot.