It stands to reason that the market in plastic surgery will suffer in the economic gloom but people still need that feel good factor so according to this article published in Aesthetic Medicine consumers are now choosing non surgical procedures instead of the more expensive surgical options:

US patients choose non-surgical options during recession

The impending recession is causing more US consumers to delay plastic surgery and consider non-surgical options, according to the latest consumer survey carried out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

The association polled 100 women who were considering plastic surgery in March and then again in October and found 59% said that recent changes in the economy have had an impact on their plans for plastic surgery, compared with 50% in March. Also, 48%, of women surveyed during October said that the economic slowdown has made them less likely to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, a marked increase of 18% since March, when 30% felt that way.

Possibly the most significant result for the aesthetic medicine industry, however, is that 27% said they were considering less expensive options, compared with 20% six months ago.
Richard D’Amico, M.D., ASPS president, commented, “It appears more consumers are choosing the less invasive cosmetic procedures, both to give them a boost or to buy time if they need to postpone a more costly invasive surgical procedure because of the economic

The Consulting Room reports that certain procedures are becoming more popular during the economic gloom.

Despite a slowing economy the QuickLift™, a minimally-invasive lower face-lifting procedure, gains popularity.
Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) October 16, 2008 — While consumer confidence and spending have dropped for many retailers and service oriented businesses, The Skin Center Medical Spa, with locations in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio, reports an increased demand for the QuickLift™.
The QuickLift™, a minimally-invasive lower face lift procedure that tightens sagging skin along the jaw line and under the chin, is a more affordable and natural face lift option for people considering a full face lift. “We have found that when times are slow economically, people tend to want to invest in themselves,” said Dominic A. Brandy, MD, developer of the QuickLift™ and founding medical director of The Skin Center Medical Spa. “It gives them a boost of confidence and self-esteem that translates to more productivity and success at work and in their personal lives.”