It can be tough weighing up the pros and cons of surgery – especially when it can be painful and expensive but sometimes there’s something we hate about the way we look and we need to look into how it can be fixed. Verity from Hampshire says “Everytime I see a photograph of myself, I see my nose first – it just doesn’t fit with the rest of my face!” But where does she go for that initial advice?

BAAPS The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers this advice:

1. Make your own decisions: The real expert on your appearance and any concerns you may have is YOU. The only assistance you should need is to decide what, if any, surgery you might need, and you should ensure you get unbiased information regarding what might be technically possible and any associated risks and benefits. Do not let anyone talk you into doing anything for which you had little concern before the consultation.

2. Be Informed: Anyone considering any cosmetic procedure should ensure they are fully informed and accept the limitations and risks of any procedure. Remember, no surgeon or procedure is 100% risk free.

3. Be Comfortable: Make sure you feel comfortable with the organisation, surgeon and clinic you have chosen.

4. Know your surgeon: Many practitioners purport to be experts, but many are not even surgeons. Practitioners may boast impressive sounding qualifications, but these can have little meaning. Organisations associated with and preferably based in the Royal College of Surgeons will demonstrate acceptable standards of practice, i.e., those which you can reasonably expect of surgeons and doctors in general. Hospitals which have strong associations with NHS consultants and practice will also adhere to these standards and so offer some level of reassurance. The BAAPS can help you find a properly credentialed surgeon in your area.

To really help your decision making process, get some imaging done to show you before and after – this can sometimes help you decide one way or the other. It is also important to have a point of reference to show your surgeon.  For cosmetic surgery imaging go to www. and for more information and tips go to: