“With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK, Dr Christian Jessen shines a spotlight on the industry and comes to the aid of women who have fallen victim to botched operations”. In The Ugly Face of Beauty, shown last night on Channel 4, Jenssen looks at cosmetic surgery which has gone wrong, the impact on those women’s lives and explores how easily some women were led into signing up for surgery without even talking to the surgeon or understanding the risks involved. Their main concern seemed to be how to finance the surgery. Maybe we are entering a new era of cheap deals and BOGOF cosmetic surgery with little thought about whether people actually need this surgery.

Firstly, and most importantly, get help to decide whether or not to have surgery in the first place by getting imaging done to show yourself with the cosmetic changes you require. By seeing images of yourself you can then decide whether cosmetic surgery is for you – it may not be worth the pain and expense after all. Then, if you still want to go ahead, contact BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) to find a reputable surgeon, not the cheapest. Look into the risks, what’s involved, how much recovery time and how much after care you will receive.

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See more information on the series The Ugly Face of Beauty at Channel 4

‘I’ll be happy to grow old gracefully – but I haven’t ruled out Botox’

Skin deep: Edith Bowman says she's not bothered by wrinklesSkin deep: Edith Bowman says she’s not bothered by wrinkles

TV presenter and Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman, 35,  reveals her top beauty and diet tips and why she’ll never say never to Botox.


My mum used to have a whole shelf in her bookcase dedicated to dieting books, so that put me off for life. I’ve never followed a specific diet but I try to eat as healthily as possible.

Since the birth of my son Rudy 16 months ago I’ve done a bit of home cooking for him so I’m eating more fresh vegetables than I used to, but I don’t think there’s any harm in eating the occasional pizza or kebab.

I’m more body conscious since I gave birth and I have a few more lumps and bumps, but I don’t freak out about it. I just eat more greens, cycle to work more and work hard at resolving it rather than looking for a quick fix. As long as I’m somewhere between nine and nine and half stone then I’m happy.


My skin is so dry that it literally sucks the moisture out of the air, so recently I’ve been treating myself to some facials at Fortnum & Mason with Sarah Brown, who is wonderful. She does this treatment called Dermabrasion, which sort of hoovers the skin cells off, and I use lots of Sisley products and also Cowshed moisturisers for my dry hands.

Wrinkles don’t bother me and I’ll be happy to grow old gracefully. It’s hard for me to say I’ll never have Botox as I’m not at the stage in my life where I need it yet, but my general feeling about facial cosmetic surgery is that you lose your expression and you lose part of you. I think you lose part of your identity.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1242427/Edith-Bowman-I-ll-happy-grow-old-gracefully–I-havent-completely-ruled-Botox.html#ixzz0cOnO9LOf

changemyface shows Coleen Nolan what her 40-a-day habit is doing to her skin….


Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has looked into the future and it has given her the shock of her life.

Auriole Prince, age progression artist shows the Mirror columnist how she may look in 10 and 20 years if she carries on smoking 40 cigarettes a day. The photos frightened Coleen so much that she has vowed to kick her habit.

The Dancing on Ice contestant gets the harrowing glimpse of her future during tonight’s The Truth About…Eternal Youth, a TV documentary about people’s obsession with looking young.

Coleen, 44, goes to London’s Harley Street and meets facial imaging artist Auriole Prince who reveals how wrinkles could spread across her face. Auriole shows her the image of how she could look in 10 years and told her: “I’ve increased the wrinkles around your eyes, especially as I hear you smoke 40 a day, and I’ve looked at your crow’s feet under the eyes. I’ve made your skin tone more grey as smoking effects the quality of the skin.”

Coleen replies: “Ok, I get the point, stop smoking.” She is then shown how she would look in 20 years’ time and stunned Coleen adds: “I think my husband might start divorce proceedings now.” After the programme, Coleen said she hoped she could do something about the images.

She said: “It was quite shocking. I know that smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your skin. I am hoping to give up very soon.

“That is my plan and I am going out to buy nicotine patches because it is a promise I made to my daughter. Also I was amazed about the amount of sun damage my face had. I’m not a sunworshipper but I was shocked at the damage I had.

Mark Jefferies 2/04/2009

Botox lifts your mood

March 13, 2009

Some more good news about Botox! We found this in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine

Botox cosmetic injections for frown lines and wrinkles can alleviate depression, according to a new study by Michael Lewis PhD, School of Psychology, Cardiff University and Dr Patrick Bowler, medical director of Court House Clinic, London.

Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and presented at the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors annual conference, the new research suggested that relaxation of the corrugator (frown) muscles leads to less facial feedback for negative emotions. The authors asserted that the impact of this means a negative mood is harder to maintain and so the individual has a more positive mood.

Localised facial muscular paralysis is a consequence of the use of botulinum toxin type A (e.g. Botox or Dysport) for cosmetic dermatology. As well as being responsible for frown lines, the frown muscles – often treated with botulinum toxin – are universally important in the expression of negative emotions including sadness, fear, anger and distress.

The relaxation of these muscles means that the ability to form facial expressions of these emotions is reduced. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that people who have received Botox treatments for frown lines are rated as showing less negative facial expressions. The facial feedback effect suggests that the paralysis of muscles associated with negative emotions may have effects beyond the outward appearance of emotion.

It’s always fun to see how See how the Hollywood stars will look with some virtual nip tuck….changemyface created these images for UK TV’s Extreme Cosmetic Surgery.

Cameron Diaz with nose reshaped.

Reece Witherspoon with chin made smaller.

Sarah Jessica Parker with nose reshaped.


How did they look before? We found some of celebrity before and after pics for you….


Britney Spears’ nose


Victoria Beckham’s Breast enlargement


Ashlee Simpson – see the nose?

You can see more at www.celebrityplastics.com

‘I was completely black and blue’

Dawn Cracknell

Ms Cracknell went to Prague for cosmetic surgery

UK plastic surgeons say they are seeing more and more people who need follow-up treatment after cosmetic surgery done abroad has gone wrong.

They are warning that such patients should not always be entitled to NHS help except in emergencies. So why do people seek surgery overseas?

Dawn Cracknell decided drastic action was needed. After having four children, she was unhappy with her body.

“I couldn’t get undressed in front of my husband and our sex life was suffering,” says the 33-year-old from Norfolk. “I decided I wanted cosmetic surgery.”

Back in 2006 she started looking at the cost for a tummy tuck, but soon realised that the £10,000-plus prices being quoted by UK surgeons was out of her reach.

“I began to think about going abroad. I really researched it and spoke to NHS surgeons. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable option so I decided to head to a clinic in Prague.

“I was there for 10 days in total – two pre-operation, eight post.”

I was completely black and blue. More so than the other woman who had had a tummy tuck
Dawn Cracknell

The flight, accommodation and treatment – a tummy tuck and liposuction – cost her less than £3,000.

But as soon a she had it done she started to worry.

“I was completely black and blue. More so than the other woman who had had a tummy tuck.

“When I got back I noticed the wound was not healing and a lump was developing. I rang the clinic and they told me to come back but I couldn’t afford to.

“When it got worse I turned to the NHS.

“After eight months I eventually got to see a surgeon in Norwich and he told me blood was collecting behind the wound because they had cut through too much muscle.

“I was so upset.”

Since then she has had the blood drained on a regular basis, but it still keeps returning.

She has now had two operations to clear up the problem and although it is improving she is still finding blood collects.

“It is horrible. I have terrible scars and the lump just comes back.

“I think people should think very carefully about going for cosmetic treatment abroad.”

This is totally extreme and very sad – and a warning to all!


Rex/Sino courtesy of www.thesun.co.uk

A WOMAN addicted to cosmetic surgery is unrecognisable after injecting cooking oil into her face.

The Daily Telegraph in London reports Korean woman Hang Mioku, 48, had her first cosmetic surgery procedure at 28 and was hooked, moving to Japan for more.

Eventually surgeons refused to carry out any more work and she returned home, where her face had changed so much her family didn’t recognise her.

Ms Hang’s parents took her for treatment for her addiction, but it didn’t last. She soon found a doctor who would give her silicone injections and he even gave her a syringe and silicone so she could self-inject, the paper said.

When her supply ran out, she used cooking oil.

Her face became so large compared to her small body that local children called her “standing fan”, the newspaper reported.

After appearing on Korean TV, viewers sent donations so she could have surgery to reduce the size of her face. The first of several operations removed 60g of oil from her face and 200g from her neck.

Her face has been left scarred and disfigured, and Ms Hang said she would like her old face back.

It’s always interesting to see those before and after photos so have a peak at these images to see how these Hollywood stars will look with some virtual cosmetic surgery…

Cameron Diaz with nose reshaped.

Reece Witherspoon with chin made smaller.

Sarah Jessica Parker with nose reshaped.

Daniel Craig

Quantum of Solace is released in the UK on 31 Octobe

We found this on the BBC website but are hoping that Daniel didn’t have to change too much – we like his face exactly as it is……

Daniel Craig has revealed he needed plastic surgery after an accident on the set of the new James Bond film.

The actor severed his fingertip and had eight stitches on his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his Quantum of Solace co-stars.

We found this on the BBC website but are hoping that Daniel didn’t have to change too much – we like his face exactly as it is!

Craig said the incident, which happened in June, was “a stupid inconvenience”, telling Elle magazine “they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon.”

Craig was seen sporting an arm sling at a Bond celebration in London on Sunday.

According to the actor’s spokeswoman, the 007 star underwent a shoulder operation several weeks ago for an old injury unrelated to the Quantum of Solace incident.